Celebrating the #ColorsOfEquality: Walking proudly along the path of unity and diversity

Davies Paints aims to make everyday brighter and better as we embrace and celebrate the colors of all members of society, including every gender.

The celebration of color is the celebration of community: embracing the beauty of every hue across the whole spectrum, and the rich harmonies and exciting possibilities created when different colors come together. This is true for our spaces, our homes, and also our communities.



Everyone has the right to live fully and pursue their own paths in life, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity expression. DAVIES Paints proudly supports the City of Manila’s commitment to defending the rights of the LGBTQ+ community to be protected and treated with dignity, to be respected for their identity, and to have freedom equal to every other citizen.

Enhancing communities through color is our mission. Beyond beautification, we aim to inspire and enrich the everyday lives of all those living within them.

We hope that everytime we walk along this rainbow lane, we remember the spectrum of colors that exist within our communities—and how we can walk proudly along a path of respect and unity, knowing the beauty and vibrancy all our colors bring to our nation as a whole.



This is only the beginning. Together, let us open more paths for inclusivity and acceptance.


Inner Calm
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