This period of time has truly been a challenge for parents all over the world. Keeping the household together, working from home, and attending to the kids ‘round the clock? We salute parents everywhere. Maybe you’ve run out of art projects or materials after weeks indoors—but art doesn’t need to be fancy or formal. Here is one art project idea that challenges both creativity and resourcefulness, and you don’t need to look far for inspiration, too: rocks are everywhere!




  • Rocks – Choose rocks that are fit for the age of the kids: not too small to eat, and not too big to accidentally injure. Smooth rocks are best for painting.
  • Acrylic paint or paint markers – Water-based and opaque ones work best.
  • Small brushes
  • Drawing materials like pencils, pens, and permanent markers
  • Water in containers for cleaning
  • Newspapers or scratch papers to protect your workspace
  • Tissues or rags



There are as many possibilities as there are every size, shape, and texture of rock out there. Children of all ages can do this easily. Even adults! This project can liven up your outdoor areas, play or study areas, and even the pots of seedlings and cuttings you’ve been growing in the kitchen or garden.

Make it an exchange gift exercise for all members of the household, or theme it however you like. Paint one or two or all of your favorite things. Make lines, patterns, and secret codes. Create puzzles. Write messages of hope and hide it everywhere for people to find. Paint about the things you’re dreaming about doing outside. The only limit is your imagination.



Here are some tips before you start painting:

  1. Ready all your supplies in one area before you start and cover the floors so the kids don’t have to worry about making a mess.
  2. Collect your rocks, and wash and dry them before you start painting.
  3. The more rocks you have, the better. This way, the kids can explore more freely without the pressure to “get it right” or make it “perfect” right away.
  4. Have a variety of colors and painting brushes/tools on hand.



Here are some more ideas to get you going! (Links provided at the end of the article.)



Remember, the key is to have fun and be inspired by your materials. Be spontaneous. Creativity is all about letting go—and without grades or deadlines, this is the perfect time to explore your creative side and get your hands dirty. Have fun—and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Credits to:

Inner Calm
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