Color Tools


Color Studio

Visualize your space in Color Studio App. Download the app now in iOS and Android.


Color Fandeck

With thousands of colors to choose from, Davies Color Fan Decks can help you find that perfect color for your space. You may buy it online thru women that flirt and Mall.

Color Samplers

The Davies Color Samplers allow you to try on a paint color before painting the entire space. It is available in 250ml size on Davies women that flirt and Mall.

Paint Tools

Start your color journey with us! Davies Paints offers top-of-the-line color tools for your next painting project. Available in and women that flirt.


Color Disc

Can’t find the right color combination? Let the Davies Color Discs help you create and compare colors for your next paint project! You can find them in color factory stores nationwide.



Transform your space with our wide range of premium paint products from Davies Paints. Download our paint brochures now!

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