Davies Home Buddy

Polyester Body Filler

DAVIES® Home Buddy® is a super strength Polyester Body Filler, which is ideal for repairing surface imperfections on most surfaces. Its high-build formulation gives a very good anti-shrinking property and excellent adhesion. It is easy to mix, apply, and cures to a tack-free state in just a few minutes.

Type: Polyester Based
Finish: Low Sheen
Color: Light Pink
Pack Sizes: 1 liter and 4 liters


• Professional Grade Formula
• Superior Strength & Flexibility
• Impact-resistant
• Very minimal shrinking
• Easy mixing and sanding
• Fine and smooth finish
• Finish repair fast


Metal, concrete, aluminum, wood, gypsum, fiber cement wall, plaster,and fiberglass


Application Tools :
Putty Knife

Not recommended. Use as-is.

Mixing Ratio:
Mix 100 weight parts of DAVIES® Home Buddy® Base to 2-3 weight parts of DAVIES® Home Buddy® Hardener

Surface Preparation:
• Clean surface for repair to remove dirt, oil, dust, or other contaminants. Allow drying completely.
• Sand with 80 grit sandpaper to remove loose paint and rust. Ensure that all dust from sanding is removed.

• Place the desired amount of filler on a clean, hard, non-porous surface.
• After kneading the hardener tube thoroughly, squeeze out 2-3 parts of hardener for every 100 parts of filler by weight.
• Mix thoroughly until a uniform color is achieved.

• Spread an initial thin layer of mixed putty over the cleaned and dried surface using firm pressure to ensure maximum adhesion. Apply additional layers as necessary.
• Dry the applied putty for 20-30 minutes. Sand with 80 grit sandpaper.

Drying Time to Topcoat: 20-30 minutes
Pot Life: 3-4 minutes


• Keep container closed when not in use.
• Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.
• Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.
• In case of spillage absorb with inert materials such as sand.

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