Davies Elastogel Ultra

100% Crosslinking Acrylic Elastomeric Paint

DAVIES® ElastoGel® Ultra is a premium quality 100% acrylic elastomeric water-based coating formulated with the advanced UV CROSSLINKINGTECHNOLOGY suited for tropical climates. This special feature produces flexible yet tough and firm paint films.

DAVIES® ElastoGel® Ultra possesses the highest level of DIRT PICK-UP RESISTANCE to maintain its attractive eggshell appearance and outstanding elasticity to bridge continually moving hairline cracks and provide waterproofing protection.

Type : 100% Acrylic Crosslinking Polymer
Finish : Low Sheen
Color Range : Available in Tint Bases Pastel,
Medium, Deep
Recommended Coverage:
18-25 sqm / 4L / coat
Pack Sizes: 4 Liters and 16 Liters


• Exceptional Durability
• Superior Dirt pick-up Resistance
• Excellent Peeling, Chalking, and Color fading Resistance
• Long-term Elasticity and crack bridging property
• Protection against fungus and algae growth
• Outstanding Alkali & Efflorescence Resistance


• New or previously painted exterior masonry surfaces
• Brickwork
• Plaster
• Cement
• Rendering
• Asbestos


Application Tools:
Brush / Roller / Spray

Dilute with not more than 5% of water

Surface Preparation:
A. New Concrete

• New concrete and cement plastered surfaces must be thoroughly
cured for 28 days before painting, having a moisture content of less than 15 and a pH below 9.

• Remove concrete laitance and other impurities.

•Thoroughly clean the surface and ensure that it is dry, free from oil, grease, loose materials and other possible contaminants.

B. Previously Painted Concrete
• Thoroughly clean the surface and ensure that it is dry, free from oil grease, loose materials and other possible contaminants.

• If the surface is powdery and chalky, scrub and clean with waterbefore applying one coat of DAVIES® Liquid Tile® PenetratingSealer
• For mildew and molds, treat with 1 part liquid bleach and 3 partswater solution. Rinse with water and allow the surface to drybefore painting.

Painting System
Apply one (1) coat of DV-EL-0020 DAVIES® ELASTOSEALER

Apply two to three (2-3) coats of DV-ELU-2000 DAVIES® ElastoGel® Ultra

Recoating Interval: 2-4 hours

Drying Time: 24 hours

Clean-Up: Clean water


• Keep container closed when not in use.
• Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.
• Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.
• In case of spillage absorb with inert materials such as sand.

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100% Crosslinking Acrylic Elastomeric Paint

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