Davies Liquid Tile Topcoat Clear

Acrylic Solvent Based Wall Coating - Clear

DAVIES® Liquid Tile® Coating System is a specialty coating system formulated using today's most advanced solvent acrylic technology. It offers the best protection for all interior and exterior masonry and properly primed wood and metal surfaces.

Type : Acrylic Solvent-Based
Finish : Gloss
Color : Clear
Recommended Coverage: 30-35 sqm / 4l / coat depending on surface porosity
Pack Sizes: 4 liters


• Excellent outdoor durability
• Good alkali resistance
• Suitable for highly polluted and coastal area
• Excellent anti-fungus property
• Fast drying
• Washable


For walls - Concrete surfaces and properly primed wood surfaces


Application Tools :
Brush / Roller / Spray

For brush/roller application, dilute with not more than 10% DAVIES® DV-5-70 Liquid Tile® Reducer
For spray application, dilute with not more than 25% DAVIES® DV-5-70 Liquid Tile® Reducer

Surface Preparation:
New Concrete:

•All surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust, dirt, chalk, laitance, efflorescence, rust, grease, oil, and other foreign materials.
•Allow new concrete to cure and dry completely for at least 28days with a moisture content of less than 15% and a Ph level below 10
• To neutralize and remove efflorescence, treat surfaces withDAVIES® 100-X Concrete Neutralizer diluted with 16 parts water to 1 part DV 100-X. Apply by brush or mop to wet the surface thoroughly and dry overnight. Rinse with water and dry.

Previously Painted Concrete:
• Remove mold and mildew growth with DAVIES® 500-XMildewcide Wash Solution. Rinse with water, dry, and immediately apply the recommended paint system to prevent the regrowth of mold and mildew.
• For surfaces that exhibit severe chalk, apply one coat of DAVIES®5-530 Liquid Tile Penetrating Sealer or DAVIES® 555Concrete Clear Sealer

Painting System:
Sealer: Apply one (1) coat of DAVIES® DV-5-530 / DV-5-531 Liquid Tile® Penetrating Sealer
Topcoat: Apply two (2) coats of DAVIES® Liquid Tile® Topcoat Finish

Recoating Interval: 2-3 hours
Drying Time: 2-3 hours
Clean-Up: DAVIES® DV-5-70 Liquid Tile® Reducer


• Keep container closed when not in use.
• Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.
• Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.
• In case of spillage absorb with inert materials such as sand.

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Acrylic Solvent Based Wall Coating - Clear

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