Mondo Aqualock

Cementitious Polymer-modified Mortar

MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ is a dry cementitious polymer-modified compound to be mixed with water that forms a dense seamless flexible water barrier suitable for interior and exterior applications. It provides optimum adhesion on various substrates with high mechanical resistance such as abrasion and flexibility. Its special composition cures to a smooth membrane with extensive and lasting waterproofing property significantly eliminating water absorption on the positive water pressure side of a structure.

Type: Vinyl Acetate / Ethylene
Finish: Flat
Color: Gray

Practical Coverage:
25-30 sqm @ 1 mm DFT / 20 kg bag of MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ + 6.5-7L water
6-7 sqm @ 1 mm DFT / 4.5 kg gallon of MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ +1.5L water

Pack Sizes: 4.5 kg gallon and 20 kg bag


• Smoothens Masonry Surfaces
• Non-toxic, No odor, Non-flammable
• Easy to Use and Mix
• Easy to Apply
• Superior Strength and Durability
• Excellent Bond to dry or damp porous and non porous substrates


• EXTERIOR - firewall, roof, balcony, terrace
• INTERIOR - toilets, bathroom, foundation
• WATER RETAINING STRUCTURE - swimming pool, tanks, reservoir


Application Tools :
Masonry Brush / Clean Stainless Steel Trowel

Surface Preparation:
• All surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust, dirt, chalk, laitance, efflorescence, rust, grease, oil, and other foreign materials.
• When applying Skimcoat for rough surfaces, concrete may be cured for only 7-14 days.

Product Preparation:
1. Mix 20 kg MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ with 6.5 to 7 liters of water, and 4.50 kg MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ needs 1.5 liters of water. Use a plastic pail, add MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ by increments to water, and mix thoroughly to a homogeneous mixture.

2. Use a hand drill-electric mixer in mixing large quantities for 2 -3 minutes to attain a smooth, consistent, and creamy paste mixture.

3. Allow the mixture to stand for 3 - 5 minutes and stir again before application.

4. Mix only a sufficient amount that can be applied within 1 - 2 hours. Warm exterior conditions will shorten pot life.

5. Do not add water to extend pot life as excess water will affect the final performance of the dry waterproof membrane.

Application Method:
1. Light water misting is recommended before applying the MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ water mixture.
2. Light sanding may be done to correct application unevenness. Ensure that dust and dirt are completely wiped off.
3. Allow the surface to cure for 24 hours then finish with the recommended painting system.

Recoating Interval: 30 minutes

Pot Life: 1-2 hours

Drying Time: 24 hours before paint application
Clean-Up: Clean water


MONDO™ AQUALOCK™ is a cementitious product. Avoid prolonged exposure to skin. Store in a cool, dry place to prevent premature cement curing brought about by moisture. • Keep container closed when not in use.
• Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.
• Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.
• In case of spillage, sweep and dispose accordingly.

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Cementitious Polymer-modified Mortar

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