Extreme Latex Waterproofer

DAVIES SuperDry™ is an advanced high-performance mastic waterproofing membrane providing utmost protection from water ingress and damage. Its Water Lock technology imparts a continuous low water absorption over a long time. It is designed to withstand up to 15psi positive and negative high water pressure and offers the optimum balance of flexibility for outstanding crack-bridging ability and tensile strength for weather and chemical resistance.

Type: Advanced modified-acrylic
Finish: Flat
Color: White
Practical Coverage: 10-12sqm / 4L / coat depending on surface porosity
Pack Sizes: 1 liter, 4 liters & 16 liters


• High cross-linked finish for outstanding masonry waterproofing
• Able to withstand 10-15 psi of negative and positive hydrostatic pressure
• Ultra-low water absorption for a blister-free finish
• Excellent elastomeric property ideal for the crack bridging ability
• Long-term durable protection with good adhesion and dirt pick-up resistance.


For interior and exterior concrete surfaces, above and below-ground applications.


Application Tools :
Brush / Roller

• New concrete and plaster surfaces must be thoroughly cured for28 days or treated with DAVIES® 100-X Concrete Neutralizer.
• If treated with DAVIES® 100-X Concrete Neutralizer, rinse well with water to remove white crystals that form on the surface. Dry thoroughly.
• Surfaces should be clean and dry, free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, loose materials, and other contaminants.
• Remove dust, loose or excess grit, or mortar with a stiff brush and clean the surface by hosing with high water pressure.
• Loose or falling concrete must be removed and large holes and cracks repaired.
• Remove efflorescence - a white crystal-like deposit visible on the concrete surfaces.

For Repainting:
Scrape to bare all existing paint is recommended to achieve the products’ performance as excellent waterproofing membrane.

Painting System:
First Coat: Apply one (1) coat of DAVIES SuperDry™
Second Coat: Apply one (1) coat of DAVIES SuperDry™
Third Coat (Final Coat): Apply 1-2 coats of any DAVIES water-based topcoat finish.

Painting Tips:

• For best waterproofing results, apply DAVIES SuperDry™during the dry (rain-free) season.
• Use a paint roller for the main surface area of walls and ceiling, and a paintbrush for difficult-to-reach areas like cornices and skirting.
• Work at painting from top to bottom starting from the ceiling, the cornices, and walls, and the skirting to finish.
• When using a roller, fill a paint tray with paint. Move the roller up and down the tray until saturated with paint. Apply using overlapping strokes. On ceilings, roll sideways. On-wall, use up-down strokes, never sideways.
• When using a paintbrush, use only 1/3 of the bristle length when dipping in paint. Use long continuous strokes to form neat lines, taking care to overlap.
• DAVIES SuperDry™ may be top-coated with any water-based DAVIES topcoat finish.

Recoating Interval: 2 hours

Drying Time: 2-4 hours

Clean-Up: Clean water


• Keep container closed when not in use.
• Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.
• Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.
• In case of spillage absorb with inert materials such as sand.

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Extreme Latex Waterproofer

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